What are the requirements for Hotspotio?

In order to use Hotspotio you need to meet a few requirements. First of all you need an Android device with at least Android 2.2 installed. Also, you will need internet connection to see what WIFI networks are available to you.

What does it cost to use Hotspotio?

Using Hotspotio is free. Your mobile operator might charge you additional fees for using (and sharing) your mobile internet connection depending on what plan you are on.

Why do I need to give or take favors in return for WIFI access?

Sharing is caring. So when people are giving you free access to the internet by sharing their WIFI access we believe that you should give them a little something in return. That being a Facebook like, a drink or even a hug. Don’t take it too literally - but we still think you should give your friend or his friend a hug next time you meet for that WIFI access.

How do I share WIFI from my 3G/4G connection and use WIFI at the same time?

Android unfortunately makes it impossible to both connect to a WIFI hotspot and share your 3G/4G connection at the same time.

What networks are available on Hotspotio?

From the network list you can always see what networks are available. Just like a regular networks list. When you are logged on to Hotspotio you can see what networks your friends are sharing - Their name and a small profile picture will show up.

Why can’t I access all networks that are shown on the map?

The networks shown on the map are all available networks on Hotspotio. Some of them are only shared with friends - so in order to get access to a specific network, you should be friends with the guy sharing the specific network.

How do I delete my Hotspotio account?

The only thing you have to do is disconnecting your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin profile in the application. Before doing that you should also delete the networks you no longer want to share with other Hotspotio users.

How do I remove a network from Hotspotio?

You can remove the WIFI networks you have shared instantly via the menu in the Hotspotio application. Go to “My shared hotspots”.

If your network is shared on Hotspotio and you want it removed you should send us an email on remove@hotspotio.com - Please tell us the network name (SSID), the location of the network and the name of the user sharing the network.

What Twitter users will have access to my network when sharing with friends only?

Since Twitter is based on followers and not friends, only the people *you* follow on Twitter, will get access to your network.

Will people be able to see my password for my network?

We store the password on our platform in a secure way in order to pass it on to the users you are sharing your WIFI connection with.
We are doing everything we can to keep your password secure by encrypting the password and using secured links between the application and the platform. A regular user will not be able to see your password for your network. We still need to pass an un-encrypted password on from the application to the phone. So a very tech-savvy person could get access to this with a rooted device while being close to your shared network.

Who are you?

Hotspotio is owned by Socialite Labs Inc, a Prehype venture located in New York, U.S.A. Feel free to reach out to us on hello@hotspotio.com.