Share WIFI connections with friends in return for favors.

WIFI access should be easy. Hotspotio lets you share and connect to WIFI with friends, their friends or everyone.

Share your WIFI networks

Share your portable WIFI hotspot. Hotspotio makes it easy to share your portable WIFI hotspot with your friends. No need to struggle with long passwords.

Share WIFI networks. Hotspotio lets you share any WIFI hotspot with your connections. Connect with your social networks and select what favor your want in return - It's easy!

Sharing is safe. You decide who should have access to your WIFI network. Your friends, maybe their friends or even to everyone. You have the control and can remove your network from Hotspotio anytime.

Connect to WIFI networks

Connect to your friend’s network. Just logon to Hotspotio and your friends’ networks will show in the network list. Select a network, return the favor and internet access is all yours.

WIFI for favors. Good people sharing WIFI should get a favor in return. Hotspotio helps you do that. A hug or a drink next time you meet. A shout-out on Twitter. Or maybe a like on Facebook. Not much to ask for when having connected you to WIFI.